The Sovereign’s Way

Many Americans have the same question: You came home to the Land jurisdiction using the 928’s paperwork, but you’re looking for a solid game plan for enforcing your rights lawfully against de facto government services contractors. To that end, The American State Assemblies now recommends the Knowledge Share modules offered on

Here are several of the topics covered in the modules:

  • The difference between law and legal.
  • The difference between man and person.
  • What game are you playing, and what game piece are you using? Chess or Checkers, or Monopoly?
  • How to express your “law common to i”, as one of mankind.
  • How to write a notice as a man or woman: john michael smith (sui juris; “of one’s own right”, able to manage one’s own affairs.)
  • How to remain in honor, by removing controversy and bringing remedy.
  • How to remove controversy – remove confusion and make it a “settled matter”
  • How to bring remedy – restitution, restoration, financial or otherwise.
  • How to deal with your fears, and why this is so important as you express your law and press your claim.
  • The different kinds of notices.
  • The difference between a “wrong” and a “trespass” – when no remedy is brought for a wrong, then it turns into a trespass.
  • How to deal with the IRS.
  • How to charge for orders.
  • How to address “…the man who at times acts as a police officer/judge/governor/etc…”
  • How to bring your john michael smith court into their County of ____ Court.
  • How to write a claim and an order.

Print off: How to Protect Yourself from Trespass By Way of Force

Introduction to Writing Notices & Pressing a Claim in Open Court