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To find most of these videos on one platform, check out The Oklahoma Assembly YouTube Playlist

The following list is a selection of videos on many different subjects of the American State Assemblies. The four Granna’s Bites videos are a solid visual introduction on the six main components of the American government and how they relate to the jurisdictions of Land, Sea and Air. Following that are three different podcasts and webinars to subscribe to, or watch recorded or live. The remaining links are an assortment of significant interviews and educational videos, all related in one way or another to The American State Assemblies, Common Law and the Land & Soil jurisdiction. Enjoy!

Countrywide Coordinator Training Call with Anna Von Reitz

If you are considering volunteering as a State or County Coordinator, and interested in learning more about the job, check out this video. Even though this training call is for Coordinators – the first in a series – it is an excellent primer for anyone who would like a thorough overview of what we are doing here in the American State Assemblies.

This is the link for that same series of Coordinator Training calls, starting at December 7th and continuing through to the present.

Granna’s Bites #1

The Government; how it was then and how it is now.

Granna’s Bites #2

Granna’s Bites #3

Granna’s Bites #4

Weekly Webinars With Anna & Teri

Anna Von Reitz and Teri Sahm have been hosting a webinar every Monday night at 8PM CST since March of 2019. In their official capacities, Anna is serving as the Fiduciary of the Federation of States (doing business as The United States of America, unincorporated) and Teri Sahm is serving as the State Coordinator for The Washington State Assembly. This series of interviews holds a special place in many Americans’ hearts, because these calls are more like informal “fireside chats”. Conversations range from historical commentary, to American Common Law, to American History, to recent developments in the State Assemblies, the occasional glimpse into a typical day in the life of Anna Von Reitz and James Clinton Belcher, and of course the latest declaration or action taken by the Federation of States – on behalf of the 50 unincorporated nation states – in the International & Global jurisdictions. If you want to keep up to date on what is happening now on the American Land & Soil jurisdiction, then tune in Monday nights!

Here is an alternative link to all recorded Monday night webinars on Anna Von Reitz’s website as well.

The United States of America Podcast with Niti Bali

This is a weekly lunch hour Q&A with Anna Von Reitz, hosted by Niti Bali and Cynthia on North Carolina. The style of these calls is more nuts & bolts, with a short warm up discussion, followed by as many questions as they can get through inside of an hour. Many of the questions are from people who have recently corrected their status, or from assembly members asking particular questions about reconstructing the Four Pillars of the State Assemblies. Be sure to start with Episode #1, which is a good intro into the rest of the series.

The live podcasts occur every Tuesday at 12 PM CST, and here is the link to subscribe.

The American State Assemblies Podcast with Tammy Healy and Michelle Ford

The focus of The American State Assemblies Podcast is introducing each State Assembly “in the flesh” and getting a feel for who they are as men and women on the Land & Soil jurisdiction. The hosts are Tammy Healy on New Jersey and Michelle Ford, who serves as the California State Coordinator. Discussions are open and candid, and can include people sharing what led them to change their status and participate in their State Assembly, or how far they are along in reconstructing the Four Pillars of their State Assemblies.

Tip: watching the 2nd interview first, titled Hello Fiduciary of the American Government, Unincorporated Federation of States, Anna Von Reitz, will help set the stage for all of the other interviews with Tammy & Michelle. For people who are newly acquainted with the American Land jurisdiction government, Anna Von Reitz addresses a large array of thoughts and feelings – and pertinent questions – that new people go through after being rudely awakened to their old paradigm turned on its head,… while beginning to explore the new paradigm. It is comforting to hear Anna, Tammy and Michelle address a lot of the small, but burning questions many Americans have had at one time or another.

Anna Von Reitz with The Everyday Concerned Citizen, Report #928

Here is an interview with Romola D Reports, Anna Von Reitz and Teri Sahm on October 19th, 2022. Scroll down about 3/4 of the way for the full video on different platforms. Discussions center on the backing of the US Dollar with gold, the averting of a financial global collapse, and the buying out of American and Australian debt.

Anna Von Reitz Making History: Canceling Two 1934 Gold Bearer Bonds

From the Vimeo page: “This is our Fiduciary for The United States of America [Unincorporated], Anna Maria Riezinger, making history cancelling two 1934 Gold Bonds with the assistance of the Financial Director of The Global Family International Trade Bank. We are privileged to witness and to have video of this historic event. As we witness history being made, it is now time to Intend, Create, and Manifest our future.” (video link)

Taking Back America with Jim & Angie Blake

This is an interview with Anna Von Reitz and Jim & Angie Blake, published on December 6th 2017. There is also a book of the transcript entitled Taking Back America, available on Amazon.

More Educational Videos on

For additional educational videos and interviews on Anna Von Reitz’s website, click here, and scroll to the bottom.

Secrets of The Slave State

In this 25 min video, Jerry Day shows how modern America has become a slave state by corporate feudalism and social conditioning. The video details how brute force has been replaced with nondisclosed consent, and compares the conditioning of plantation slaves with the conditioning of modern Americans today.

Additional State Assembly Presentations

These two videos were published by The Pennsylvania Assembly and are posted here for additional reference. The first is a presentation by Vicky & Ted Van Wert, and the second is a presentation made by Anna Von Reitz.

Here is the link on BITCHUTE.

The video below was created from the source material found in You Know Something is Wrong When… An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.

Download and read it for free here.

Anna Von Reitz giving a talk at the Republic of Texas Congressional Session

The Greatest Show on Earth, by Nick Alvear

Please note that the focus of The American State Assemblies is mainly on the International Land and National Soil jurisdictions of the 50 unincorporated Nation States – so as to “bring the affairs of our house in order” first – and the content on this website reflects that focus.

However, to keep things straight in the larger context of the world,… it is important to remember that the effort to eradicate these international crime syndicates and criminal trust management organizations is truly a global effort.

Americans are acutely aware that the British Territorial and Papist Municipal (along with the Federal Reserve, and UN dba IMF) are “federal” incorporated vendors of governmental services, and therefore are more accurately described as hired subcontracting employees which provide services for the unincorporated American Land jurisdiction government. In other words, “they work for us”. Therefore any transformative work completed in that Sea jurisdiction, including “Devolution & Reconstitution”, is of great interest to Land jurisdiction Americans, and many other sovereign nation states on the International Land jurisdiction affected by these providers; including the British Commonwealth nations and many nations in Western Europe.

For a journey of discovery into this unfolding global work in the Sea jurisdiction, check out The Greatest Show on Earth, produced by Nick Alvear and based on information provided by Derek Johnson.

Meet Your Strawman!

This is a tongue-in-cheek, 5 minute illustrative video guide to the Birth Certificate Fraud, complete with sarcasm and cartoon sketches! In this video you will learn about how the Birth Certificate is actually a method by which the federal government (British Territorial & Papist Municipal trust management organizations – TMOs) creates an estate trust, and then uses your given name as the title of this estate trust. This new entity is popularly referred to as the “Strawman”, but more formally the “Cestui Que Vie” trust, or the “Foreign Situs Trust”, or the latest version; a “Public Transmitting Utility”.

Going a bit further into how it works: for any contract to be lawfully and legally valid, among other requirements, it must be of “like kind”; i.e. a man can only engage in trade with a man, and a legal entity or corporation or “Legal Person” can only engage in commerce with another “Legal Person”. Because these TMOs are all incorporated (and therefore operating in commerce) they create this new estate trust in order to be “legal” when they address the man and presume that he is operating in commerce as a “Legal Person” (or more accurately, the “Authorized Agent” of that estate trust). The reason this is fraud is that a mother fills out this paperwork for her son or daughter without full disclosure of what the paperwork is doing, and then the federal government goes on to use the baby’s given (trade) name without his consent.

Summing up the fraud, the mother is not fully informed of the situation, the baby’s copyrighted name is used without his permission, the baby is later presumed to be dead or “lost at sea”, and then the newly created estate trust is considered to be a dead man’s estate, and therefore a “Ward of the State” where it is administered by (federally enfranchised) State of Oklahoma government operating as the Trustee. There are several other fraud schemes and unlawful presumptions that have their origin in this Birth Certificate Fraud, but this video does a great job of introducing the concept in a humorous way.

Exposing the Truth about the Federal Income Tax